segunda-feira, 15 de Setembro de 2014

Make change happen

Took this sunset picture few days ago in Armação de Pera, Algarve (Portugal)

"Hey Marta we are going on a road trip for 3 days, wild camping, relax on the beach, are you in?" - invited Ana. "Hmmm actually I don't feel like traveling again..." I answered.

After years of traveling almost non stop, making the world my routine, the people I met my teachers and students I got in a point that I got tired of traveling. I knew this moment would come one day, I love to experiment different things and after while I'm simply done.
Being with a heavy backpack on me all the time, moving places to sleep every 4 days or every week is killing me now. I don't have the energy anymore, I feel the need of settling down. But again, I know myself. I'll probably live in a place for 8 -12 months and then I'm done and need to travel again. And this is my life. I just follow my heart, my intuition, my soul to achieve happiness, you know happiness is not the goal but the process.

The options are endless, the World is huge but I don't want to think about it, I want to live the moment, to enjoy each minute and have an idea of what to do next. But no idea for next and next and next. The best plan is no plan, this way no expectations, no desilutions, no suffering (this is my buddhist side speaking).

But a girl can dream and I wish I could settle in a place which I could cycle everywhere, with a Cultural Centre, music and dancing on the streets, lots of events and workshops going on. I want to learn more about photography, video and photoshop so I can improve my blog apparence and I can learn new skills. I want to have 4 part time jobs :D One as a social worker, other in a hostel so I learn how does it work and figure out if I really want to have my own hostel one day, to work in a vintage store and one related with children. Besides all of these I want to do volunteer work, either with homeless, immigrants inclusion or help girls in risk of arrangement weddings. Mostly I want to feel useful, that I'm helping and contributing with the community/society.

Sadly for now I can't have dogs and cats, I can't have my own piece of land. Grow my own food. Invite friends and family to come over. I have to live years in one place... Am I ready for this step? Nop. Not yet.

What are your dreams? Which changes you need in your life? Let's give a chance to change... and to ourselves.

domingo, 14 de Setembro de 2014

Shanti Favorites #7

Who said men haven't good taste for house decoration? Danny Brito opened up his home front door and we could see magic happening. I adore his vintage-modern-handmade style home and I admit I kinda envy his pyrex collection. Such a dreamy kitchen! And who wouldn't like to have such beautiful workplace or cozy living room. Hey Danny can I be your roomate? ^_^

Do you still buy your laundry soap? I haven't test this recipe yet but I will, I will!! Shandy tried different recipes and this is her favorite. There are easy diys in all internet to make our own beauty and laundry products, mostly are eco-friendly and pocket-friendly ^_^

Brooke is a long term traveler fellow who has a blog full of useful travel information and tips, her photography is breath taking. She also wrote some e-books I'm tempted to order, I just cannot choose just one :)

Are you bored? Have no idea what to do today? This list will help you to find something to do. Since is still warm around here I'd go for the outdoors activities. [unknown source]

I enjoyed so much to read about these new age gypsies generation influenced (or not) by tecnology and modern time. Actually they own caravans with horses, do you want more sustainable life then this? I'd like to experience living like a nomad for a while but I know I couldn't do it for my entire life.

quarta-feira, 10 de Setembro de 2014

Small Business Love :: Madam Mim (Brugge, Belgium)

When walking in the beautiful streets of Brugge in Belgium, I found this incredible Vintage Store. I had to go in! I said many times how much I'm passionate about vintage in other countries. When I entered this store I felt like visiting a museum, quickly fell in love with all the unique pieces, especially for the furniture, clothing and the famous laces (traditional in Brugge). I had no choice but ask the owner Mim if I could take some pictures. This time I thought I could use the Retro Feature of my camera but it turned out much darker that I wanted to. 

I was back in Portugal already, looking for my awesome pictures when I had the brilliant idea to send a message via facebook asking for a blog interview. I want to thank Jared, Mim's son, who sent all the answers in english, grateful for your translation so this post was possible.  

How come you opened this place? How did you start?
Being a housewife for more than 30 years, and after my four children moved out, I wanted to do something different, fun and useful with my free time. I got an education in Business Management, searched for a location and bought and collected stuff with my personal savings.
When did you open? What're the opening hours? Since 2011, the shop is open 6 days a week from 11am to 6pm. Also on sundays and bank holidays. We’re closed on Tuesdays.

Where do you find the products for your shop? Are they hard to find?
I visit flea markets, fairs and buy from colleagues and people at home. I do this before or after shop opening hours, and of course on tuesdays when the shop is closed. Especially items from the 50s to 70s are hard to find nowadays.

What do you pay special attention to when buying merchandising for your shop? I only buy items that are in good shape, for a good price. I want the items in my shop to be nice and affordable, so this really is a key factor.
Do you promote other activities in the shop? I put up some posters in the shop, but that’s all.
Overall, do you think Madam Mim is a success? I am satisfied.

Which tips would you give to someone who wants to open a business like yours?

  • Good sales means you need to find and buy a lot of great stuff too, so you will be working 7 days a week. You need to Love your job!
You can find Madam Mim on Facebook
Or if you go/live in Brugge you come say hi in this address: Hoogstraat 29 - 8000 Brugge - Belgium
Where in the World will be the next Small Business Love series? Who knows! :) Stay tuned!


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