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Leaving for tomorrow when you are living today?

In Vietnam with my traveler buddies Karen from Holland and Gabriela from Mexico

In theory, life is short, everybody knows that but seems mostly doesn't pay attention to this sentence real importance. How many times we say "I miss Mary, gotta call her", "I need vacation time, want to travel to Thailand", "I'd love to make this project I've seen in pinterest but have no time". That's exactly the point, seems humans don't have time for what they want/like to do. But isn't it a problem with organization? Because everybody gets 24 hours daily to live their lives, some people are quite productive and in the end of the day they are satisfied they checked all the tasks from their To Do List.

These are my tips to gain more time and make things that makes you happy:

1. Don't spend so much time in social network/internet in general.
We waste way tooooo much time searching for stuff on internet and when we look at the clock we can't believe we've been there for 2 hours! Try to set an alarm clock for 20 minutes, for example, and use internet only during that time. Many times we are done with internet and have this feeling that you didn't learn anything new so no need to waste time.

2. Be organized.
Either with an agenda, calendar or to do list, write somewhere what you have to do that day and week, visually is more helpful. In the way don't forget to cross the tasks that are done to feel more productive and happy about yourself.

3. Save money.
I know this is hard, seems that people are surving nowadays, struggling to pay all the bills, rent and food with their small salary. If this is your case, think about something you are good at (examples: play the guitar, crafts, english lessons) and use this hobby to get money. Use this money to save for your dream travel or for something you really need for a while.

4. Live today. 
Try to get out of confort zone and routines as much as possible. When leaving your job, walk in a different way. Check what's going on in the cultural centre, get involved in the community. Make a list of friends and family you are meaning to contact for a long time and call them. Wake a little bit earlier and go to the gym or do your yoga/meditation practises (or use this time to clean, check social network or emails...) I also encourage different and fun days off: plan a day trip to a place you never been (pack lunch so you save on this, or pack some goodies for a picnic) explore the mountains and go hiking. Try to avoid watching TV or do any other activities can keeps you lazy and unproductive.

Do you have any other suggestions? Please share them in the comments :)

sábado, 25 de Outubro de 2014

Shanti Favorites #8

 How come I haven't tell you about Her Library Adventures Blog yet? It's my favorite blog, my number one! Mostly of bloggers cannot choose only one blogger but I can because I love the way Sophie writes and also what she writes about. (Eg: Living with Less) You also will see a bunch of inspiring pictures, I love her taste! What I really appreciate about Sophie is that even though she has an one year old princess daughter, she doesn't talk about her all the time. Some bloggers I was following in the past became mothers and nearly all the posts were baby related which is a boring subject for me.

Global Warming is a big issue and seems that humans aren't really aware of what's going on. When I watched this 5 minutes video about icebergs melting so quick in Greenland I was shocked for the next half an hour. Watch it and share it please! [Image Source]

I thought this blog post about cheap european airlines could help you out when searching for your flights in Europe. They are always changing prices but this is a good heads up.

I could jump from my laptop screen to this cozy cabin in the woods right now, especially because it's raining and I feel like reading a book in the softness of my pillows and covers.

Do you have a friend who is a compulsive buyer? Show this list, it's probably gonna help him/her to think twice when buying again. Or just to make you wonder, why more consumism? Maybe you can try to find another way instead of getting even more possessions.

Sorteio do Livro Daqui Ali do Viajante Pedro on the Road

This is a giveway of a book written in portuguese so this time I'm posting in portuguese, I guess you guys don't want to participate in a giveaway you won't understand a word? ;)

Já algum tempo que queria vos oferecer este livro mas como o blog é em inglês fiquei na dúvida se o faria. Como este espaço é meu (e vosso claro), é a minha casa virtual e faço dela o que bem quiser, decidi vos oferecer este livro na mesma porque considero que seja uma obra fenomenal escrita por um Viajante com letra maiúscula, o Pedro on the Road.

Daqui Ali é um livro penetrante onde o Pedro retrata a sua estória desde Portugal a Singapura à boleia. Durante esta viagem de 50 mil quilómetros, Pedro conheceu inúmeras pessoas que vieram a enriquecer ainda mais a sua VIDA, ficou a dormir em centenas de CouchSurfers, foi preso em Laos, esteve a poucos quilómetros de distância do local onde Bin Laden foi capturado e viveu aventuras num transberiano pela Rússia e no deserto da Mongolia.

Certamente vão ficar colados/as ao livro tal como eu e quando o finalizarem ficarão com aquela sensação de "quero mais". Na verdade o Pedro já está a tratar do assunto com a sua recente ida de bicicleta de Portugal até África do Sul!
Acompanhem as suas estórias no blog Daqui Ali;
Maravilhem-se com as fotografias e actualizações na sua página do facebook;
Leiam os comentários que outros leitores deixaram no goodreads;
Deliciem-se com o trailer do livro.
Não aguentam a espera do resultado do sorteio? Comprem o livro.

Agora que já estão cheios/as de vontade de ler o livro, vamos ao que interessa: como ganhar este livro?
1 - Façam like na página do facebook do Shanti Free Bird (clicar aqui)
2 - Partilhem o sorteio no vosso facebook - a partilha tem de ser obrigatoriamente publica (clicar aqui)
3 - Deixem um cometário neste post com o vosso nome

Prazo de inscrições: 7 de Novembro de 2014  :: O/A vencedor(a) sera anunciado/a no dia 8 de Novembro  na pagina do facebook.

Quero vos desejar boa sorte a todos/as! É um prazer oferecer-vos algo tão especial, uma verdadeira fonte de inspiração para quem deseja viajar e ainda uma leitura indispensável para os dias chuvosos e frios que se avizinham ;)
Um xi-coração do tamanho do mundo, Marta


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